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  • Track Apps From Everywhere
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MarlinNet is a web-based client management portal designed exclusively for channel partners with higher activity levels.
Application Entry & Tracking
MarlinNet makes it easy to submit credit applications online. The short, intuitive application entry form required basic customer information. The credit applications are sent directly into our automated scoring system for fast decision turnaround time.
Real-time Application Approval Notification
The second your application is finished being evaluated by our credit department you receive a notification.
Manage Your Active Contracts
Monitor customer activity – including application and contract history. Generate real-time upgrade quotes and know when your customers are approaching end of term.
Automated Documentation
Once the application has been approved, you can review and generate financing documents directly from MarlinNet.
Manage Your Customer Database
Managing you customers have never been easier. Access any customer and perform any one of many actions, ranging from printing a customer's information to applying for a buy out.
Real-time Upgrade Quotes
Easily obtain buy-out and tradeup quotes and apply to new applications.

Submitting applications is as easy as 1, 2, 3.
  1. Fill in your customers information manually or the Easy Fill solution.

  2. Click "I Agree" in the Legal Disclaimer.

  3. Click the Submit button
Click through the steps on the right for a visual aid.

You can check the status of all your apps through MarlinNet in real-time.
  • Dashboard
    As soon as you log into MarlinNet you are supplied with real-time data under the following sections.
    • Applications at a Glance
    • Recent Account Activity
    • Quartarly to Date Reporting
  • Application Summary
    In this section you will find a list of all your applications. You can then click on individual applications to read more detail.

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Generate a buy out or trade up quote for you customers directly from MarlinNet.
  1. List Contracts on Customer's Profile Page

  2. Click on the Contract

  3. Select the BuyOut Option on
    the top

  4. Click "Display"

  5. Click "Create Tradeup Application"

  6. Complete the Application Form
Click through the steps on the right for a visual aid.

View a snapshot of statistics from one screen.

A detailed look at Year to Date and Life to Date funding history. You can review total number of approvals, rejections, funded deals, etc.