• Convert more visitors at point-of-sale
  • Reduce website abandonment
  • Offers your company a competitive edge

What Is

Marlin eLink?

Marlin eLink is a web-based integration tool that uses an API (Application Program Interface) that is seamlessly integrated into your e-commerce solution.
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Integrate Financing Options
Marlin eLink gives your business the ability to integrate financing options into your product ecommerce solution. This allows your company to advertise and offer an additional payment option at checkout; an affordable monthly payment option.
Who Can Use Marlin eLink?
Almost any company that has small business customers, and who offer equipment and software type products online can take advantage of Marlin eLink.
What Does It Cost You?
Nothing. Marlin eLink is a free web tool for you to integrate into your ecommerce site.
Savings: Credit card processing fees.
No more extending 30 or 60 day terms

The Benefits of

Marlin eLink

Offering an affordable monthly payment option integrated seamlessly into your ecommerce platform will increase sales and revenue for your business.

How It Works

Marlin will share our integration instructions and support documents with your team.

  • We work with your website developers on the install of Marlin eLink
  • API is built according to industry standards
  • Strong authentication and SSL encryption

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